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How are you playing the ‘Game of Life’?

There are so many ‘reality TV shows’ these days, that it sometimes becomes hard to find anything else to watch. You can now days watch people do everything from racing around the world, spending weeks on a remote Island with

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‘My 168’… what does yours look like?

This morning I watched a podcast of John Maxwell, preaching at Christ Fellowship on the topic of “Laws of growth for 2013”. He is¬†definitely¬†one of my favourite people to follow, and a great mentor. This inspired me to come up

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2013 – The year of Opportunity

In my last blog post, I spoke about the ‘3 notes of life‘. Back then I never knew how relevant that would be right now… I have recently learned that my time with my current employer will be finishing. And

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Life – set of music notes

I had the great opportunity of catching up with Nick Gonios over a coffee. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Startup business, and to get some feedback and guidance on Tribeit. (The startup I am currently involved in)

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“Always prepare for the Next Play”

“Always prepare for the Next Play” This is a very good read from an interview with Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkdIn. There were two key standouts for me from this article; “Always prepare for the next play” – How many

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Kaggle I am a big supporting of crowdsourcing as a concept, and recently came across another great example. Kaggle, a relatively recent startup, have already seen the huge benefits of getting like minded crowds together to collaborate and solve complex

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