“Always prepare for the Next Play”

“Always prepare for the Next Play”

This is a very good read from an interview with Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkdIn. There were two key standouts for me from this article;

  1. “Always prepare for the next play” – How many times do we find ourselves focusing on what just happened. The business world is moving so fast, that we should always be agile, dynamic and alert about the next opportunity. It is import to take time to reflect. But then take the learning… and move on!
  2. 5 Rules for happiness; 
  • 1) Living in the moment
  • 2) It is better loving, than to be right
  • 3) Be a spectator to your own thoughts…especially when you become emotional
  • 4) Be grateful for at least one thing each day
  • 5) Help others every chance you get

Follow the link to read more about this in detail. I definitely found this to be a nice read.


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One comment on ““Always prepare for the Next Play”
  1. Charles Esq says:

    Good positive ootlook on life – enjoy, we only get once chance at it!

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