How are you playing the ‘Game of Life’?

Game Of LifeThere are so many ‘reality TV shows’ these days, that it sometimes becomes hard to find anything else to watch. You can now days watch people do everything from racing around the world, spending weeks on a remote Island with strangers, renovating houses or cooking in a kitchen for hours. (Just to name a few) All this in the hope for quick fame and money.

So the following concept crossed my mind as I went for a run today.

What if LIFE was one big reality show… How would you live your life if you knew that it was all part of a ‘Reality Game’ and the prize at the end was either a ticket into Heaven or Hell?

So I started asking myself some interesting questions;

  • How would I have to change the way I live (play the game) and what would need to change?
  • What prize am I heading for?
  • What would ‘home viewers’ think about my ‘brand/image’? Would they vote for me?
  • What is my strategy/game plan to WIN?

If you really think about it, the home viewer here is GOD. Furthermore, unlike some home viewers who would vote contenders off, God actually wants us all to WIN. However, he will only select those that truly believe. Even better, He has the ability to interact with the Game to help keep us on track. (Almost like phoning a friend, only you have unlimited calls left.) It is the only Game where you are guaranteed to WIN, if you stick to the Game Plan.

So what could the Game Plan be? I have listed some thoughts below;

  • The Coach: I would strongly suggest this is God. But make sure you believe and put all your faith in Him
  • Communication: Pray each day, sometimes multiple times in a day. God enjoys your company and loves to chat and give feedback on how you are doing. He is the best coach you can have, as He will inspire you when you need it most, and has your best interest in mind.
  • Game Plan: Carry, read and understand the Bible. This is your source of inspiration, truth and guidance.
  • Support group: Ensure you surround yourself with other Christians that can support and challenge you to stay on track

Like any game, you will have ups and downs. You will come across people trying to distract and putt you off your game. You will find it hard to stay motivated, especially when it feels like you are losing.

Stick to the Game Plan and you can enjoy life by embracing the challenges that comes with it, knowing a WIN is guaranteed.

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‘My 168’… what does yours look like?

My168This morning I watched a podcast of John Maxwell, preaching at Christ Fellowship on the topic of “Laws of growth for 2013”. He is definitely one of my favourite people to follow, and a great mentor.

This inspired me to come up with this concept of ‘My 168’. Isn’t it amazing how God can lead us to the magical moments in life, discovering inspirations to then share these with the world… this is one of them.

As I am going through a ‘pivot’ in my life in terms of my career, I have spend a lot of time reflecting on what is important, what is my purpose and how to live out the life that was planned for me.

After watching this sermon twice, I got inspiration to come up with the following 2 step process on getting your ‘168’ mapped out;

1. Mindmap the top 5

Using the mindmap concept, I came up with the 5 things that is important in my life. These are things I want to focus on and progress this year. I don’t think you can focus on more than 5, and step two below will explain why. Here is what I came up with…

  1. Faith development – I want to focus more on how to develop and grow in my faith, and how I can share this growth with my family and community around me. This is where the inspiration of this blog started, listening to the 5-Gs (God time, Gift time, Grace time, Giving time, Gratitude time) that John speaks about in his sermon). I encourage you to set aside 1hour to listen to it… you can find it in iTunes under podcasts for Christ Fellowship.
  2. Family & friends – how much time I want to dedicate firstly to my family, and then friends… no comprimises!!!
  3. Personal development – I am completing an MBA at the moment, so how do I dedicate enough time to ensure I keep the momentum, and continue in my own development
  4. Career – Seems obvious, but how do I use the talents I was given to grow my career. Furthermore, how can I continue the momentum on Tribeit in an aim this may become my career.
  5. Well being – How do I ensure I continue to look after myself, so that I can continue to look after my family and serve… including getting enough rest. 🙂

I would encourage everyone to do the same. It is amazing how this helps you to get focus, and throw away those things that are not important in your life.

2. Your 168

So what does this 168 mean? Well everyone, not matter who you are, has 24 hours in a day. Multiply that by 7 days in the week, and you have 168 hours a week.

So the next excersise is to work out how you will spend your 168 hours each week on the 5 focus areas you came up with in step one. I know this is not an exact science, but it does force you to think on how you want to spend your time each day. It took me a while to move things around and work out how I will spend each day and know that I am focusing on the right things. The image at the start of the post is an illustration of what mine looks like… each colour code related to a particular focus area)

I would encourage everyone to do this, and then share it with your wife/husband/partner/close friend. Make sure, that you and your family are comfortable with what your 168 looks like.

Not only does it provide focus, but it enables you to move things around so that you can spend time on the things that really matter in your life… faith and family.

What does your ‘My 168’ look like?

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2013 – The year of Opportunity

The year of opportunities

The year of opportunities

In my last blog post, I spoke about the ‘3 notes of life‘. Back then I never knew how relevant that would be right now…

I have recently learned that my time with my current employer will be finishing. And being a person who always seeks the positive in every situation, I see this as an exciting time to take on the next challenge and learn as much as I can.

During that last few days I have spent a lot of time researching, reflecting and looking for what could be the next adventure. I have also come across some interesting finds that I would like to share;

  • I now have a ‘visual profile’ online – I came across Vizify, an online tool that takes your social media profiles and creates a visual representation. This is great to provide someone with a snapshot of who you are and what you are up to.
  • My new favourite quote: One of my early mentors taught me something that has always stuck with me. I can still hear him say this as I write it, “Don’t compare yourself to others… you will just become depressed.”. I immediately understood what he meant. You will always find someone who can do better than you, earn more money than you, have a bigger house than you etc. However, what is important is to focus on your own ‘life strategy’, and how that aligns to you and your family. I then came across this quote in the last week from Sports Motivation,  “Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person from yesterday” . This is now one of my quotes for this year to ensure I use each day to do something better than the day before, and continue to grow.
  • Back yourself: I played representative rugby, and my position was centre or wing. The times I enjoyed the most, was when I ran with the ball, saw an opportunity to take a gap, and backed myself… This should be the approach to life. Opportunities present themselves throughout the year (like my current situation). When they do, you need to make a decision, and back yourself.
  • Strong faith: I have seen once again, through the recent changes in my life, that faith is what pulls you through, keeps you honest and on the right track. Do the best you can, and our Creator will take care of the rest.

2013 is looking really exciting, and I look forward to sharing my journey, learnings and thoughts.

What is your next big opportunity?

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Life – set of music notes

MusicNotesI had the great opportunity of catching up with Nick Gonios over a coffee. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Startup business, and to get some feedback and guidance on Tribeit. (The startup I am currently involved in)

During our discussions, Nick shared something with that stuck with me. His words were something like;

“Life is like the music notes of a song. There are three key notes; Family, Health and Finances. Just like music, these three will go up and down at different times.”

This really resonated with me, and I thought that most people can really relate to this. And the more I thought of it, the more I keep thinking that just like music, our lives can go up and down, speed up and slow down, and sometimes feel like noise rather than music.

Furthermore, I thought that so many times our life songs can go out of time, tune or we play the wrong notes. So you need to ensure you have the right Conductor. I am a religious person, and so many times I have seen how important it is to ensure you follow God’s lead.

This will help you play the right notes, and it is really up to you what genre of song you would like to play. Some people like classical, other rock music.

What song are you playing at the moment…

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“Always prepare for the Next Play”

“Always prepare for the Next Play”

This is a very good read from an interview with Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkdIn. There were two key standouts for me from this article;

  1. “Always prepare for the next play” – How many times do we find ourselves focusing on what just happened. The business world is moving so fast, that we should always be agile, dynamic and alert about the next opportunity. It is import to take time to reflect. But then take the learning… and move on!
  2. 5 Rules for happiness; 
  • 1) Living in the moment
  • 2) It is better loving, than to be right
  • 3) Be a spectator to your own thoughts…especially when you become emotional
  • 4) Be grateful for at least one thing each day
  • 5) Help others every chance you get

Follow the link to read more about this in detail. I definitely found this to be a nice read.


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I am a big supporting of crowdsourcing as a concept, and recently came across another great example. Kaggle, a relatively recent startup, have already seen the huge benefits of getting like minded crowds together to collaborate and solve complex problems.

Image big corporates opening up to this concept. Just think how quickly complex problems will be solved. Furthermore, customer engagement will increase dramatically.

I definitely feel this is how companies will need to look at ‘collaboratively’ solve complex challenges…

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